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piwo grzaneThose polish really know how to improve on the already perfect. They put bison grass in vodka and now I find out they've been heating up beer with mulling spices and calling it Piwo Grzane. We partook in this warming to your tiptoes beverage at Greenpoint's best Polish eatery, Karczma at the delight of our waitress who was concerned it would be too strange for us.

I can understand her worry. Hot beer is just not the kind of thing American's can eagerly accept (the idea of even luke warm beer is distasteful to us), but with the spices I can promise you, it's like a great mulled cider without that sticky sweetness that can make cider a bit unpalatable after a couple sips.

I wonder if making this on my own would result in such pleasing tastes, I doubt it, but I might just give it a try if I can find a decent recipe – not sure if I feel like messing with chicken eggs in my beer, but I've found?some good tips though, for example never let the beer boil – this will burn off the alcohol and make a mess.

Here is a history of warmed beer, seems it wasn't always such an oddity but it's popularity has cooled off since the beginning of the 19th century with the introduction of refrigeration and lager which required it.

The poles know better than to forget the past though, and I can imagine this becoming some sort of absinthe type rage in the bar, er excuse me, mixologist scene in the city if anyone gets wind of this winter delight.

In the meantime, friends, lets make a date for Karczma because I can't wait for you to try it and to have it myself again.

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Posted on December 1, 2008

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