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pinks chili dogsMy parents introduced me to all sorts of foods growing up. On a trip to New York, the chef came out to see the two little preschool age girls chowing down on his escargot, in Colorado we ventured into the first sushi restaurant the city had ever seen and dove into octopus and eel, and when we visited family in California mom and dad introduced me and my bottomless stomach to a Pinks chili dog.

“See how the grease seeps into all five layers of packaging?' my dad asked, “That's how you know it's a good Pink's chili dog”. My parents frequented this 67 year old corner shop when they were living as young lovers do in LA in an apartment building with a moat and Steppenwolf as their neighbors who, I'm sure, also indulged in Pinks during their non-stop jam sessions.

Plenty of other famous people enjoy their Pink's too. A landmark of fast, gut busting food and cheesy, 50s architecture, it's a must for visitors to Los Angeles.

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Posted on June 11, 2007

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