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Well, it's been a long time coming this cup of Pinkberry and it cost me. Well, cost me over five dollars anyway (for a small!) but this is the world that we live in. Yogurt costs five dollars, a menu that claims 15 calories ends up being 125 (the listed calorie info is for an oz only, fyi). Plus it cost me street cred with Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes who I nearly ran into carrying the sweet treat back to my office. I bet they hate chain businesses! So, the question then, was it worth it?

The answer is yep. Not a resounding Yes!, but the green tea with raspberries was pretty delectable and I had no problem understanding why people go bonkers for the stuff. The texture was particularly thrilling, it was almost slightly slushy, not too creamy, which I thought was grand. Flavor wise too, green tea was pleasantly subtle and sour like real yogurt with still a tinge of sweetness. The raspberries were plump and a great accompaniment.

In conclusion, I rarely have a fiver just burning a hole in my pocket for dessert, but Pinkberry isn't the worse thing I could spend my hard earned money on.?

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Posted on March 10, 2008

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