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pink tentaclePink Tentacle is a blog about mostly Japanese technology, art and culture. Like brain scanning walkmans, bras that double as grocery bags, and panda suits. These animated music videos are worth a look. These illustrations by Kurimoto Tanshuu are my dad's favorite though.

My dad's also a huge fan of google maps, and really, who couldn't be? When the satellite feature was made public, I could hardly tear myself away from my computer screen. To be able to see all the places I've lived, all the places I have visited, all the places my friends have lived and visited, all the places i'll never live and never visit… It's a bit overwhelming and to some people it's a bit scary to have such a god's eye view of the world, but we find it fascinating. and just when you thought google couldn't get any cooler, they now have a feature that let's you see the actual street in 3d!!! Not every block is available, but it's pretty fun and wild all the same.

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Posted on June 11, 2007

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