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Tickle SurveyI don't mean to ruffle feathers and I in no way mean to judge. I know a lot of you do quizzes and I often read them on myspace. Well, I do them too from time to time, but I barely have the balls to admit it. So who's the lame one now?

Still, aren't we too old to wonder which Desperate Housewife we are? [I'm Susan?]. And doesn't the mere existence of my three year marriage negate the point of discovering what my flirting style might be? [Aggressive].

Maybe it's time I put my shame to rest so here is my completed About Me quiz, but I warn you, it's a boring as yours:

Last place you…
Stole something – home depot
Ate something- my living room
Hugged someone – at shaun's house
Broke the law – crossing the street
Bought clothes – ebay
Watched TV – my living room
Last thing you…
Bought at a food place – bahn mi
Touched – the keyboard
Drank – water
Ate – tortilla soup
Said (out loud) – No, I am not having fun
You plugged in – hair dryer
Last number you dialed – jim's
Color of the last thing you bought – it was a multi colored sandwich
Last person you kissed- jim

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Posted on March 26, 2007

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