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Pies N ThighsPies n' Thighs is one of those “worth it” restaurants; it's worth the trek to the rusty shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge; it's worth the lethargic service and it's worth the unmentionable calories which will result in bigger pies and thighs for all who eat it. This cutely rhyming restaurant has been on my go to list since it opened last summer, but the darn place always seemed to be closed when we stopped by, fortunately Marlow and Sons was close by to swoop in and dry our hypothetical tears.

Finally, after a nice walk across the bridge the other night, the time was right to finally taste their goods: the lights were on, the chicken was frying, and we were ready to chow. We shared a chicken basket (three pieces that were crispy, salty, and extra yummy) and a pulled pork sandwich that was a bit too vinegary to be a total recommendation (and this is coming from someone who drinks pickle juice). For sides we had decent baked beans and an out of sight potato salad, possibly one of the best versions in the city of this already unbeatable side. We probably could have enjoyed the pies if we had shared one plate between the two of us, but we were just too gut-busted to push it. You might want to be aware that neither the restaurant, nor the Rock Star Bar, where you can grab a beer to buddy up with your meal, have a sign, so this literal hole in the wall can be easy to miss. Just look for a tall barbed wire fence and some dirty picnic tables. Sure, it doesn't sound pretty, but food like this doesn't need or want frills.

On an interesting side-note, the original chef and co-owner Steven Tanner left the establishment in February to possibly make my dreams come true as the chef at Egg – which is rumored to soon be opening for lunch and dinner.

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Posted on October 1, 2007

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