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pieThe tasty treat called pie knows no season. I recently held a summer pie party with many surprising and delicious results. Mike and Shaun came through again with their culinary skills and brought mini blueberry pocket pies (tiny wontons of phyllo dough filled with ricotta and blueberries) and Shaun's lovely looking rhubarb, strawberry & orange pie, which would make any citrus lover happy. Laura went the non fruit route and presented a rich chocolate, graham cracker, meringue pie called Southern Black Bottom Pie. It was excellent.

The other two pies were made by me and both required simple preparation and exceeded my expectations taste-wise. The first was a fresh strawberry pie (recipe here); more like a tart than anything else, we served it cooled with whipped cream. And the second pie was (not to toot my own horn) my favorite of the evening: Blueberry Cherry, a classic take on a less than classic fruit combination. It wasn't too sweet and I highly recommend this recipe. I even forgot to add the butter so, if you want to limit calories, that step can apparently be skipped.

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Posted on August 6, 2007

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