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lewin farm peach pickingI've been wanting to pick my own anything for a couple years now and for some reason it's been the toughest thing to organize. So imagine my delight when, on our way to a hike, we came across Lewin Farms which was hosting pick your own peaches!

We grabbed a bag and began down the orchard lanes, at first struggling to find a good one: ripe but not too squishy and not too hard; but we persevered and came home with 6 good peaches for $2. Be forewarned, the ground is literary littered with peaches in varying degrees of rot, so sandals are an absolute no no but, on the plus side, the air smells of peaches and if you're like my cat I-Hop and will eat anything and everything, there's plenty on the ground for munching (though I don't really recommend it).

Lewin starts apples soon and peaches continue for a few more weeks. Check in with their website for updates.

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Posted on August 27, 2007

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