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Philip LimSome say his Fall '07 show rocked mostly due to styling. And while I agree that from the first top hat (top hat girls everywhere rejoice in the fashion world's approval!), to men in bow ties (Tucker Carlson rejoice in the fashion world's approval!), to the last wide headband (girls like me that use these to cover up our less than clean hair rejoice in the fashion world's approval!) the styling was impeccable, truly.

However, the clothes themselves that Lim called simply “clothes people wear” were just that… if those people are the fabulous men and women featured in the sartorialist. In other words, one of the best and brightest lights in a rather dull New York season. Pops of color (teal and red) dotted here and there lift the muted neutrals to sublime. I loved this show and I think it represents the stylish future of New York today.

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Posted on April 2, 2007

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