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philadelphia bella vista bed and breakfastOur bed and breakfast, located in the Bella Vista neighborhood and aptly named the Philadelphia Bella Vista Bed and Breakfast is mind blowingly awesome. Our reasonably priced suite of three rooms is decorated profusely like an old grandma's place where every wall and surface is stuffed with goods like he and she Victorian lamps, silver gilded mirrors, vaguely ethnic sculptures, crystal electric candelabras, huge old portraits, and many mismatched antique chairs gathered from more than one ex husband.

The service is hands off and brisk when present, but who cares when you're staying in an eccentric spot that's genuinely cozy, that you (or at least I) could honestly say, “I could happily live here, in the “oasis” suite”.

Despite it's moniker as bed AND breakfast, the breakfast consists of old fruit loops from variety packs and frozen waffles in the kitchen (a sign states “yogurt upon requst”) but we prefer it to those awkward bed and breakfast style communal rooms where we usually have to nod and be courteous to retired couples talking about lighthouses and boats or other subjects of medium to low importance in our lives.

Our first two meals (both again, Sarafina recommendations) were great. A mere two blocks from the B&B is Sarcone's a corner deli shop with that exact “crner deli shop” feel and fantastic sanwiches for cheap. My Sarcone Special (gourmet) has soft percuitto and other gourmet stuff like roasted red peppers and Jims turkey scicilian had a hard to describe but delctable garlickly cheese spread and asparagus. The only draw back were the plethroa of seeds on the rolls, just not a personal favortie, but a small sqibble for a tasty hoagie.

Dinner had us at the dim and labrynthian Monk's Cafe that features a really impressive menu of beers on tap and other wise. I enjoyed a “sour” ale, for the first time and really loved it. It smelled like vinegar and tasted like it but with a sweetness, it's an acquird taste and a beer choice I am unlikely to see often for that reason. St Barbunbus offerings a dark and white were also quite good. Thay also offered a large choice of mussel preparations, mine had apples, gryuere and leeks.

The next day I had my first Philly Cheeseteak within Philadelphia at the 25 year old, soon to be bitterly evicted Rick's in the Terminal Market. Of course I opted for gooey whiz and was not disappointed. Jim kept indulging at the martket with a piping hot apple dumpling from Dutch Eating Place. I had a few satisfying bites of the pillowy dough, yum.

Another brief trip to Philly with lots of good food and a truly unique bed and breakfast.

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Posted on October 13, 2008

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