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pegu clubAstrid and I have been itching to try the Pegu Club ever since I first heard of the “cocktail genius and mixology maven Audrey Saunders” who runs it, we were further intrigued when a coworker highly recommended it, but the same coworker also stated that the waitresses wore bondage gear, which, while not putting on the brakes entirely, made us each a bit wary of what the night had in store.

Thankfully by bondage gear, she meant Geisha, and by Geisha she actually meant obis and kimonos. See, this pleasantly dark specialty cocktail bar has a slight Asian theme to match its pricey but reportedly yummy snack menu.

We declined to indulge on food but did enjoy some wondrous libations. I went with the delightful, lemony and frothy Earl Grey MarTeani, a winner.

Astrid tried the signature cocktail that expertly mixed bitters, lime juice, Curacao, and gin into a sophisticated cocktail that was quite tart. Overall a pleasant place to grab an expensive, but worthy cocktail before venturing to more affordable places for a bite to eat and a beer.

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Posted on December 11, 2006

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