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patty's cupcakesBrick Lane again offered up the best in culinary treats during my trip to London with Peggy's Cupcakes, a colorful table set up in the tent at the end of the alley. Even with flavors like banana, red velvet, and raspberry to choose from, I just had to go my usual route when it comes to cakes and ordered a vanilla/vanilla topped with an exquisitely crafted little bouquet of pastel flowers. I bought it for myself as pre-birthday treat that I felt I totally deserved.

A little biscuit called Oaties, which actually hail from Scotland, are also worth noting. The tin was free at our hotel, No. 11 Cadgoan Gardens, and really tasty. Just another bit of comfort the hotel had to offer that felt very welcome so far from home.

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Posted on February 23, 2009

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