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pee wee's playhouseIt is fair to say that PeeWee's Playhouse is the best children's program period. Never has there been a world created on television so over the top fantastic and totally engrossing.

I loved the Penny segment, and the King of Cartoons, and Miss Yvonne, and the animated food in the fridge. I love all of it, really.

My whole family would watch and I am pretty sure there are some Pterri, Chairy, and PeeWee dolls lying about our house still.

With the show's abrupt end at the hand of Mr. Reubens and an unforgiving society, I am glad to say it started reairing on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim on July 10.

Ahead of its time in every way, the show even gave Laurence Fishburne a chance before the Matrix.

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Posted on July 24, 2006

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