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peep show bbc Peep Show, a high concept program composed of alternating point of view shots (complete with inner monologues), works so well because the two comedians it stars, David Mitchell and Robert Webb, play such charming losers.

The comedic duo also star in the broader (Little Britainy) That Mitchell and Webb Look, which airs on BBC America occasionally. But Peep Show is more subtle; a character-based comedy about two roommates trying to get by in a realistic world. It's more sitcomy and tame than say, The Mighty Boosh, but it's quite funny and grows funnier the more you get to know the characters.

Mark Corrigan is the uptight, nebbish suit and tie loan officer who pines for co-worker Sophie (played by Olivia ColmanPam Bachelor from Look Around You). His roommate, Jeremy, an aspiring musician, is lazy and easy going–but equally clueless when it comes to women.

This series, which is now partially available in the US on DVD, has aired for four seasons, new episodes begin May 2nd on the BBC, but we've only seen the first series so far.

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Posted on April 28, 2008

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