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pdt crif dogsPDT stands for “please don't tell”, appropriate for the over the top snobby exclusivity this place has taken to a new limit. It is housed in Crif Dogs and stands as the restaurant's near opposite. The Carlton to the hot dog joint's Fresh Prince. Or if your more obscure and a girl who grew up on Nickelodeon, the Ferguson to Clarissa.

To the extreme in fanciness (as the dogs are in unhealthiness) PDT serves top shelf drinks that are top dollar and top notch. Well, they better be considering the complexities of snagging a table! First, you must call them in the afternoon and reserve a table, when your time slot comes?all your party must be present. Then one of you slinks into the darkened phone booth and awaits an answering of your call – not in human voice form but as a buzzer that allows you access.

You can try to get a set at the bar if you have a smaller party, but we saw many a people turned away, so it's a risk. Sure, it's all silly, but its intense popularity shows that people don't mind at all. You may as well even relish in the drama.

The drinks we had, every last one of them, were superb. I feel foolish having forgotten the names of them though, but I can assure you everyone was thoroughly satisfied. Also satisfying is the effort it took to mosaic the entire odd bathroom in broken mirrors pieces?

The explosion of elite and hip this place embodies should really be, for lack of a better word, lame – but somehow it is not at all. The quality of the drinks and of course the greasy delicious hot dog accompaniments are to thank.

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Posted on December 10, 2007

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