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Even though I have heartily enjoyed the pizzas at Paulie Gee’s before, it’s taken me a while to bring this post to you about the most welcome neighborhood addition because i kept forgetting to take photos. You would too with such alluring daily specials to choose from as well as a mouth watering every day menu. We recently shared several pies including the Marianna (large chunks of garlic, almost no cheese), the Delboy (the most high end pepperoni pizza you’ll find), the tasty Spectacle (with speck and red onions) and two of the chalk board specials: The Moby Grape (which is a salty, grape tomato crowd favorite and should be added to the permanent menu) and the off the wall but surprisingly balanced Cherry Jones ( that indeed features dried bing cherries with cheeses and prosciutto).

New Jersey pizza master Paulie Gee set up, to great foodie excitement, in the old Paloma space which you’ll find barely recognizable. Where once was skylights and pale colors and airiness, now stands cozy, almost farm like woods, copper, faded tin, and dim lighting. Also noticeably different, a huge wood stove for making all those delicious pies, which Paulie overlooks himself every night I’ve been there. He takes so much care with his pizzas he even personally brought over the Moby Grape that was slightly charred to make sure we were OK with it and offered a new one if we weren’t.

On previous visits we got the decadent and gooey pear and nutella dessert pie which is worth saving room for if you can forgo gorging on the savories pies (not an easy task).

For now, they are awaiting a licence to serve wine and beer (which only makes the bill shockingly reasonable currently – since i can;t drink now anyways, this arrangement is fine with me) and doesn’t open lunches or deliver (these arrangements leave me less happy). But i expect that might change as they get settle into their role as the neighborhood’s premier spot for pizza.

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Posted on May 2, 2010

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