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patrick mcgoohanPatrick McGoohan may have the accent of a Brit, having been raised in Ireland and England, but he was born in Astoria Queens. This fact makes me feel fallaciously closer the manly blonde. As if my being born fifty years early in a neighbourhood kind of close to where I live now were possible; and if it were, that he and I would be life long chums.

I have never seen the show that McGoohan rose to fame with, Danger Man aka Secret Agent, a show he turned down the role of 007 to have creative control on. But I am a huge fan of his cult classic series, The Prisoner, which I am looking forward to watching again, as it has been years.

He has starred in many projects since, like Braveheart and Scanners, and has had to turn down major roles like Dumbledore and Gandalf, but his role as Number 6 is the one he will always be remembered for; that and as a positively beautiful man, chiseled and rugged, only becoming more and more handsome with age.

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Posted on November 26, 2007

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