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papacito's greenpointWith random, unpredictable hours and rumors of hard partying, even criminal chefs, the relatively new Papacitos may just be the most mysterious restaurant in Greenpoint with the most street cred. It's also the area's best Mexican and one of the top places I've been to in their entire city (and I went their with a born and bred Southern Californian who totally agrees).

The restaurant, which is really nothing more than a concrete back yard with tables is the perfect, low key place to enjoy the waining summer with a Modelo, guacamole, and kicking tacos. Pork Anjito is the way to go, so flavorful and tender, but the milder Verde pork is good if you're less daring with your palette, and my sister can attest that the grilled fish tacos are also worth an order.

The price is right, a Papacito's Plate – a mound of food including taco fixings of your choice, Mexican Rice, Black Beans and salad is a mere nine dollars. And, friends, after eating only a portion, I have not been fuller in recent memory. We literally waddled home, almost overly satisfied with the all new great restaurant in our neighborhood.

I've heard it can be quite a madhouse late nights on weekends, lending finally some credibility to the next door sign that reads “Corner Frenzy” but we went at the more laid back hour of four in the afternoon. Not only is Papacito's bound to be a local favorite (despite those angry yelp reviews) but we all know what a rarity awesome Mexican food is on this coast,?so it's bound to be a foodie destination as well.

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Posted on August 18, 2008

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