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american-idol-larry-platt-pants-on-the-ground-by General Larry Platt (2010)

I don’t watch American Idol, I don’t listen to top 40 radio and, quite frankly, I’m kind of obnoxiously snide about both. But just the other day the stars aligned while I sat in a car and the remix of this Idol sensation was playing. It’s far more than a mere joke though, at least in my mind. First of all the singer, General Larry Platt is a respected civil rights activist who marched with Martin Luther King Jr, second of all he may just be the next Biz Markie.

Idol might churn out the kind of pop I’m anything but a fan of, but I think Pants on the Ground could be (after who knows how many seasons of ratings domination) the best thing to come out of Simon Cowell’s muzak machine.

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Posted on January 17, 2010

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