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Paleo FutureYou'll find this weeks Laugh pick here, along with tons of other clippings, videos, articles, photos, etc from the 1880s to the 1990s predicting future dreams and musings that never came true. It's a sharp, well conceived blog that's written concisely and, like any good blog, it's constantly updated. Some predictions were off, like this 1900 rendition of a school which uses a learning machine similar to the one from Battlefield Earth, while elements of others, like this 1979 illustration are correct in predicting trends like flat screen TVs. But, like many hopefuls predicting the 2000s, they also believed we would all have domestic robots. Sigh, that would be almost as cool as a hover board. Which is almost as cool as a hover school, complete with living pods and gaseous fuel. It's fun and easy to get lost in all the archives of this entertaining site.

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Posted on September 24, 2007

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