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31 Greenpoint Ave

Ovenly has been selling their baked goods around town at various locations for some time now but only just opened their own brick and mortar.

I was thrilled to find it open early (at 7) making it a viable option for getting a yummy breakfast treat when Van awakes.

The variety of breads, muffins and scones – some right out of the oven – is impressive and features inteeguing flavors like mustard cheddar (scones), jelly donut (muffins) and espresso cookies.

We tried to two former as well as a chocolate banana muffin and loved them all.

It’s a simple, airy space slightly off the beaten path with only one fault – no iced coffees to wash it all down.

So happy they’ve opened and plan on making then part of a new morning ritual.

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Posted on June 1, 2012

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