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out of this worldI must admit that my memories are a little foggy about this afternoon preteen fantasy show. What I do remember is this Evie is half human, her father is an alien that she talks to through a glowing triangle thing and, coolest of all! ever! she can stop time by putting her fingers together. Of course I can remember all that, the idea of being able to stop time was the most intriguing, daydream inducing fantasy since the idea that you could switch places with your twin.

But, since reading up on this favorite from my past, I've learned that Evie had a surfing boyfriend and an Uncle Beano. These things I don't remember, and they make me yearn for the series's unlikely release on DVD–you may laugh now, but previous wishes (like the day I'd see Criterion Collection release WR: Mysteries of the Organism, or Joysticks put on DVD) are actually now a reality, so I won't say never.

Take a look at the intro video, it really looks like a spoof of a television show by Paul Bartel.

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Posted on June 4, 2007

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