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oulu barThe environmentally friendly Oulu opened in September and its unique fa?ade, designed by Evangeline Dennie, attracted lots of attention, whereas what's going on inside has remained a little less buzzed about. I didn't even know it was a bar until I happened across a blurb on Free Williamsburg.

It was quiet the night when we stopped by, though it was a Wednesday right after work, but if people get wind of their expertly made, nine dollar cocktails, I would expect a loyal following to emerge. I tried The Victorian, a gin, apple juice, and earl gray mixture reminiscent of one pf the best drinks I have had in the city, the earl gray marteani at Pegu Club. Laura went for a drink that married elderberry liqueur and brandy. Both were winners and made even more pleasant by bartender Anthony, who refreshingly lacked any pretensions sometimes connected with cocktails and their makers.

The drinks were strong, so we were thankful that a small but well chosen list of beers were also available. I particularly enjoyed the Grimbergen.

The interior is dark with lots of curving wood and at least for now, you can bring a group after work and have a place to sit. If you find the bustle of the Bedford bars to be a bit annoying, try this secluded gem.

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Posted on March 10, 2008

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