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otto pizzeriaWe had initially decided on Otto Enoteca Pizzeria because it was in the area we were going to be, the menu looked enticing, and the prices were right. When I learned that it was Mario Batali's I had two expectations A. The food will be excellent, B. The atmosphere may not. I was right on both counts.

The food was indeed excellent and more. We all tried the pizza. Mike and I shared two anchovy varieties, one with cheese and chiles, one without cheese but with olives.

Wow, even at high end pizza places I have never had fresh and plump anchovies like these. Jim was brave and ordered the Lardo, a white cheese pizza with ham fat. Believe me, it was scrumptious even if it doen't sound it. A tasty olive appitizer and an enormous wine list rounded out the dining experience. And the dessert was so amazing, I can't even get into it here, you'll have to read my dessert entry.

Now for the atmosphere. It's one of those restaurants that doesn't feel like it's for locals, that favors spectacle over comfort, but at the same time, it could have been much worse. The lighting was dark and flattering, the staff was friendly and efficient, and really, with food this good you forget about where you are in about two minutes.

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Posted on July 31, 2006

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