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othos colorado springsEven though Otho's has been a catering company in my home town of Colorado Springs since the year I was born, they've only recently come to my attention when they opened their cookies and brownies shop.

My mom informed me instantly that there were some new sweets in town – and thank goodness with the sad closing of the German pastry heaven, Old Heidelberg that kept me in birthday cakes with marzipan shells all through my youth.

On my recent visit, Otho's, then topped my list of things to do and I have to say my mom and her ladies know a good cookie and brownie when they meet one. In particular, the peanut butter cookie, so soft, so perfect is worth pooling your money and ordering a box to enjoy. Jim most loved the raspberry brownie and we both agreed that the snicker doodle wasn't far behind.

The guy behind the counter is a pleasure, he even took me behind the scenes as he prepared catered sweet trays for some lucky conference goers and slipped me a free and excellent lemon bar.

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Posted on February 2, 2009

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