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other music nyc sohoLike most record shops, Other Music seems at first like an impenetrable fortress of male hobbies and obsession.?Everywhere stand djs with bulky headphones and puffed up jackets and no one says a word to the clueless browser – that would be me.

Still, the staff isn't rude like you might expect so clueless browsing can be a joyous experience here. Plus and there is so much good stuff that in one visit I walked away with: Rock and Roll with The Modern Lovers, Marquee Moon by Television, 20 Years of Jethro Tull, Full House by Fairport Convention, The Live Kinks, and Odessey and Oracle by The Zombies all on vinyl.

I found out that a wonderful slection is not the only reason to recommend Other Music, they also have in store film series and concerts – I missed a Kevin Ayers (!) performance last June. Upcoming performances can be found on their impressively informative website that links to their rarity auctions on ebay and allows you to browse by category. But this is much more fun to do in store.

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Posted on January 7, 2008

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