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Original Bad Company Anthology I know, at first two whole discs of anything can seem overwhelming. But come on, it's Bad Company, a band that loves to sing about love. Listen to these extremely romantic song titles: “Can't Get Enough (of your Love)”; “Ready For Love”; “Good Lovin' Gone Bad”; “Feel Like Makin'
Love”, “Hammer Of Love”. When I was a kid, before the Stone Temple Pilots were considered Classic Rock by idiotic FM deejays, Bad Company dominated the airwaves. I've heard the title track from the band's debut LP almost as many times as I've heard “Hotel California”, and I'll never get sick of the moody storytelling and power piano. Other tracks on this compilation couldn't rock any harder (or drop any more participles). “Movin' On”; “Smokin' 45”; “Burnin' Sky” and “Rock and Roll Fantasy” will blow you away. Did you know Bad Company was a supergroup featuring former members of King Crimson, Mott the Hoople and Free (best known for the song “All Right Now” featured on the American Beauty soundtrack but, surprisingly, not in Dazed and Confused).

However you feel about Classic Rock, “Feel like Makin' Love” probably won't put you in the love-making mood exactly, but it will sound amazing.

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Posted on December 5, 2005

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