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dj shadow organ donorEverytime I think there is something I dislike absolutely, someone comes along to make me seem that I'm too harsh in my judgments. Take DJs for example. I used to shirk from any artist with DJ in the name since Jazzy Jeff and start my eyes a rolling anytime there is a DJ at a restaurant or some event that I'm forced to attend.

But I really enjoy Organ Donor from DJ Shadow AKA Josh Davis. I think DJ Josh Davis is a more honest name for a guy that looks like he went to my high school, but hey, Shadow works too. The song is from the album Preemptive Strike and is really catchy and fun.

Maybe there is room for a DJ in my heart… actually I better make room for two–in news unrelated to this song, but worth a mention since we're on the subject–I found myself completely smitten with the raven haired cute girl spinning at a recent party and her amazing set list of old motown and r&b, many songs I had never even heard before.

She goes by the name Honeydripper (of Daptone Records) and is at Savalas every Tuesday night.

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Posted on May 14, 2007

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