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One of our funnest purchases during a recent Mitsuwa Market trip was the One Cup Ozeki Sake. Created in 1964 so that Japanese spectators could enjoy sake in the stands of the Summer Olympics, this is somewhat of a cultural icon but totally new to Jim and I.

It comes in a five pack and is pretty cheap at about $3 per can but unlike lots of cheap sake I have tried, it’s surprisingly good. A little harsher than the oh so smooth Wakatake, but considering that comes in at about $45 a bottle, the comparison is unfair.

Not sure how available these are closer to home, though it’s worth checking Sunrise Markets in the city. Fresh Direct also has a similar one cup type available called Chiyomusubi Kitaro but it’s 9.99 per one cup serving, which seems high to me (but doesn’t mean one of these days I won’t cave and try it out).

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Posted on April 4, 2011

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