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linsday lohan rantSo first everyone's harping on the wacked out and misspelled condolences Lindsay sent out when she learned about Robert Altman's death. But I thought, as odd as it was, it sounded like a young mixed-up girl trying to express true emotions. Leave her alone, I thought.

Until I read the next blackberry she sent out. It's a doozy, and while it's not a crime to be egocentric and stupid, it is also not a crime to laugh at those acting egocentric and stupid, just ask Al Gore and Will Farrelljust ASK.

I mean, there is something sad about the whole mess of Miss Lohan, but how much sympathy can you have for someone that writes “Scarlett is a c***” on a bathroom wall, especially when the beef is over Jordan Catalano?

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Posted on December 11, 2006

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