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Once Upon A TartMy efforts to visit this place had been thwarted time and time again but, like a little surprise gift, I met my friend Dan for coffee and this is where we arrived. Yay!

So was it worth the build up? Or was someone trying to tell me something by keeping me from their tarts? Thankfully the former is true (why else would you be reading about it here?). I opted for the lemon tart to bring home for Jim and I to share, while Dan was nice enough to share some of his chocolate cookie with me. We munched and drank our iced coffee on one of the nicest Spring days on a stoop across the street (all the outdoor tables were taken and I would venture to guess that's the state you will usually find it).

Sitting on the stoop felt very New York in the way New York feels when you just daydream about it without actually living here. But we were living it, and with a decent chocolate cookie to boot. I can only claim decent because I prefer chewy soft cookies and OUAT's are hard and crunchy.

No complaints could be leveled against the tart however, which is why they named the place after the delectable sweet. Their version is sweet and tart without that artificial taste of many lemon bars and the crust was perfect.

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Posted on March 19, 2007

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