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on stage randy quaid ny1I think the reason I just love NY1 so, so much is that is makes New York City feel like a close knit community, a small town, complete with amateur newscasts and local anchor people celebrities.

One of our favorite shows on the station is Sunday evening's repeat of?On Stage , a bungled showcase of all the local shows from Broadway glamathons to off off Broadway shockers.. or they'll focus on one or two shows and forget about anything else.

To watch the show lately, one could be led to believe that the only play in town is Old Acquaintance, with all the reviews, previews, interviews, and more coverage they've done on the show. The level of professionalism on On Stage ranges from mild to non existent. Interviews often include the phrases “I was looking you up on Google last night and I read…” or “Hmm, yeah, I was actually just going to ask you that, but I guess you already answered.” Nice work Donna and Clover!

The other great thing is that no matter how good a show is, it looks terrible, horrid, cheap and mind numbingly dumb on television (this still of Randy Quaid had me cracking up recently). Thankfully, when they can get the rights (which is not all the time) plenty of clips are included in the show to keep us thoroughly entertained.

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Posted on July 30, 2007

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