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office partyIt's Holiday Office Party season here in New York, and all the weblogs are having a field day with coverage on the big ones. Oshkosh B'gosh held festivities a bit smaller and with less strippers and cocaine than say, Marc Jacobs or Village Voice, but we had a grand old time at The Delancey with an open bar, munchies, and the slurred, excited conversations that obviously followed.

I'm lucky enough to work in an office full of nice, fun and interesting people, and meeting all their significant others is one of the highlights of an office party. I know I talked the ear off of many of them, but let's just pretend I was all charm and wit rather than a bore or worse. But, see, that's the other great thing about office parties, everyone is a little looser in the tongue, letting their hair down, and there's no judgments, because we're all in the same “too much vodka, too little food” boat.

Happy Holidays indeed!

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Posted on December 17, 2007

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