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obama cookiesMy office is so nice they set up a projection of the inauguration but streaming problems intervened and we all ran downstairs to that Mexican restaurant with the big, bedazzled and lit up sombrero. So his speech was peppered with commentary like “you have to choose three kindsa tacos with that”.

Some are calling the speech itself downer, but I found it profoundly hopeful in it's pragmatism and strength. It's as if even the most cynical among us can believe that he is really, really going to do something, not just win hearts and votes anymore.

Michelle of course looked great, wearing smart and happy brocade by independent designer Isabel Toledo and Sasha and Malia have to be the cutest girls ever. I also went crazy for Aretha and her big, bold bow.

It was a proud moment in our history to say the least and on our wave of collective happiness, these bright, smiley Obama cookies were waiting for us to chow down on in celebration. Beyond the giddiness these evoke, they also happen to taste yummy, light and flaky. These are available through January at Eleni's. The McCain ones are not.

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Posted on January 26, 2009

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