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ben and jerry's oatmeal cookie chunkDo you ever have a curious craving for something you've never even tried before, or had so long ago you aren't sure it was real?

On a recent trip to Boston, we passed by J.P. Licks which sometimes features oatmeal cookie dough ice cream, a treat that I was so instantly obsessed with the idea of, it drove me nuts. Unfortunately the day was so very cold and we were on a bit of a schedule, so I didn't try it. But as I rambled on about it to my co workers, Sarafina told me about a Ben and Jerry's flavor I had to try – Oatmeal Cookie Chunk.

The next night I pitifully recalled her information to Jim, who like a husband sent to quench a pregnant wife's craving, set out to find it. (Though it was more like a husband sating his non-pregnant, whiny, and lazy wife, but who's counting).

It is truly phenomenal and I am forever in Sarafina's debt for telling me about it and Jim's for finding the last one in the case.

Cinnamon ice cream, brown sugary masses if cookie dough and small flakes of dark chocolate make for a spectacular taste sensation. If this were served in a fancy restaurant costing three times its price, I'd still be singing its praises.

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Posted on November 26, 2007

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