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rococo cooper hewittCooper Hewitt's latest exhibition delves into the world of Rococo. The work ranges from the 1700's, when the style was originated with beauiful silver pieces and drawings and shows the influence of the style through the ages.

The last decade has produced much that nods to the decadent rococo stylings. A lovely 2003 radiator by Joris Laarman is a great example. The art nouveau period is also covered with some exquisite jewelry and posters.

Rococo: The Continuing Curve is interesting and tries to cover a lot of ground but feels a bit skimpy becuase it's spread so thin. For example, only two of the great rock posters from the sixties that use the extravagent rococo style are on display, where the space and the mind beg for more.

Still, it's worth checking out and even more so if you add to it a trip to the nearby Neue Gallery where the equally skimpy Klimt exhibit offers a few of his awe inspiring paintings such as Pale Face and Hope II and many, many nude sketches.

The most interesting part of the exhibit was the information about the Floge Sisters, who designed his robes and the other amazing garments that are pictured in the Wiener Werkstatte jewelry exhibit on the first floor.

And of course, the Sabarsky Cafe is always a must.

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Posted on June 16, 2008

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