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larb gaiThe one bad thing about Greenpoint is the lack of good Thai food. Oh, there are Thai places in abundance but they are no good; and while there are much better options in Williamsburg, none have my favorite dish on the menu, Larb Gai (a room temperature ground chicken salad with an excellent sauce).

Then Noodle Studi came to town. Believe me, from the outside, I had little hope if it being anyone's salvation, especially my own. It looks like a groovy paint it your self pottery shop in a strip mall in Florida in 1993. Inside, however, it's a different story. Sure, there is still a Spencer's style glowing color changing orb for decoration, but the women who greet you are super sweet.

The prices are excellent even for cheap Thai and hooray!! they have Larb on the menu and it was great. Laura's “Passage To Bangkok” with tender beef, rice, and papaya salad was so good even the waitress seemed excited she was ordering it. I really want to recommend this place because I worry that its unattractive exterior will turn off the appearance-minded locals and I want this place to stay in business. Hopefully word of mouth will help.

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Posted on May 21, 2007

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