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High Priestess of Soul

Nina Simone was not only a strong unique voice with a wildly prolific and eclectic career, but an outspoken activist, mother, and fashion icon whose bold, hypnotic stage presence and vivid costumes and headpieces (oh, to wear a turban with her panache) earned her the awesome moniker “The High Priestess of Soul”.

Her voice was powerful and could be joyous and melancholy at the same time. Perhaps it told of her long struggles in her personal life. She was known to be difficult (well, maybe that’s an understatement – she did shoot two people in annoyance) but most of her problems gained some insight when after her death it was revealed that she was bipolar and possibly schizophrenic.

Her music however, could never be tainted by her personal problems. From pop to jazz to folk, she lent her talent to all genres of music (and is even sampled often in hip hop). She made the world her home and paved a way for herself beholden to no one. And as you can tell from the photos, she did it all while dressed to kill.

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Posted on October 6, 2010

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