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Night Time is the Right Time Cosby ShowNight Time is the Right Time began playing recently in a restaurant and I automatically thought of the Back to the Future Enchantment under the sea dance. Of course, as you probably already know I was wrong; as in pop culture moron who barely deserves to claim she grew up in the 80s wrong. That particular song was Night Train originally performed by Jimmy Forrest and this one (that everyone seems to remember as “holiday” even though they're actually singing “night and day”) is of course from that famous Cosby Show episode, where the family performs for grandma and grandpa's anniversary.

Theo is looking quite dashing in an overcoat and fedora (and I haven't been a fedora guy girl since my freshmen year in college) and Cliff pulls out all the funny faces, but it's Rudy's show when she mimes the soulful solo of the underrated and nearly forgotten Margie Hendrix.

She was played in the movie (which I haven't seen) by Regina King, who had a hard time finding any real information on the singer, who gave birth to Ray Charles son before he kicked her out of the band and she died tragically young a few years later, most likely of a drug overdose.

While it was Charles and Margie that made this song a hit, previous recordings were by Roosevelt Sykes and Nappy Brown. Later it was covered by The Animals, CCR, and Tina Turner.

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Posted on November 24, 2008

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