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Night of the CometThis week is all about being “upbeat” – so why is my movie pick about a comet that wipes out most of the human race? Because of a rare and
well balanced mix of humor, sci-fi and drama that was perfected in the 80s (think American Werewolf in London, Ghostbusters, and The Stuff) but clearly forgotten.

I only wish blockbusters today had as much going for them as this low budget classic, which now available on DVD! There were rumors that the original print of Comet was lost but online petitions demanding its release anyway. When you feel low this movie puts a smile on your face – true – the plot has the world ending as we know it, but for the protagonists it's a best case scenario – loved ones are safe, a guy you'd totally ball has also survived, and you can take anything you want from the mall.

Make sure to keep an eye out for former Brix Pick style icon Mary Woronov in the weird evil scientist sub plot. This is a true gem that more people should see.

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Posted on May 29, 2006

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