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Ok I’ll admit that there’s something distinctly Patrick Bateman, or at least Jay McInerney/Bret Easton Ellis privileged evil about the looks of Times reporter Nicholas Confessore and I’ll admit it’s probably unfair to judge a book by his cover, but here we are.

Besides, I find Cofessore’s insights somewhat, well, insightful when he one ups the other reporters during the reporter round up on our favorite early evening local show Inside City Hall (which is better than ever with the dismissal of shockingly terrible Dominick Carter because of the lovely and tough (Jim crush) Elizabeth Kaledin). Well, he one ups style wise at least – imagine Jordan Catalano in a designer suit with a quirky (but expensive) tie plopped down among men and women that look like, well, normal hard working, no sleep, lots of cigarette Albany reporters. His baby blues stand out a mile away in the crowd and no doubt the pretty boy looks have gained him as many haters as admirers.

Gawker calls him a party-ho, but of course can’t help but take a photo of him at every single party he attends – usually with equally cute long time girlfriend Noelle Hancock on his arm. She’s also a reporter of sorts. Though while he was part of the crack team that took down Eliot Spitzer, she helped launch Us Weekly’s entertainment blog (laugh if you want – but I bet I know whose articles you’d secretly read more often).

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Posted on June 13, 2010

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