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160 Havemeyer St.  store 6, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Banh mis are popping up everywhere these days (not that I am complaining in the least!) but Nha Toi‘s unique menu, offering classic and not so classic sandwiches (like fried duck egg and shrimp patty) caught my eye. It’s been in the neighborhood for a little while, but was new to me.

After discovering their website via yelp, I was excitied to find they were happy to deliver to Spritzenhaus because a Vietnamese sandwich accompanies an afternoon Sweet Action pretty darn well.

After Shaun and I had initial skepticism over the bread – which turned out to be perfect – just toothsome enough on the outside to not get soggy and stand up to the innards and just soft enough on the inside to be delicious, we found (almost) everything was superb.

To get the one mishap out of the way, we’ll admit that the original Banh mi Dac Biet was perhaps too authentic for all of us. Depends on your tolerance with spam/head cheese textures – ends up ours is pretty low. (Somehow I feel like other similar sandwiches have been less out loud and proud with this texture, with BBQ pork and other insides balancing it more?)

Anyways, not a favorite, but certainly not enough to dissuade you from trying them for the other menu options.

My unusual sounding but oh so perfect on the bun Pho Banh mi was excellent, with a rich, spiced broth/ hoisin sauce and tender cuts of beef brisket. Mike and Shaun devoured their Bi Heo (shredded pork and skin with roasted rice powder – which I plan to try next time) and Grilled Lemongrass Chicken with high praise.

With a really friendly staff and a menu that also includes an equally exciting array of spring rolls, pho and bun, I am glad it didn’t take me too long to find this place and add it to my list of local treats.

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Posted on May 18, 2011

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