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new england brewing company amber aleGenerally, a three dollar canned beer at happy hour isn't exactly something to get excited about except for the price, but the other week when our local bastion of interesting beers, The Diamond Bar was offering cans from the New England Brewing company, we all walked away happily surprised.

I had the amber, my friends the IPA and it was so tasty that we continued to order them after happy hour had passed, and I even picked up a couple six packs from Whole Foods for our fridge.

Based out of Connecticut, the brewery has been around since 1989, but until recently, it's not been really known outside of its local region. Their “where to buy” section on their site doesn't even mention anyplace outside of CT, but now that major shops and bars are starting to carry it, I hope and think they will do well as there's not a?huge number of great tasting canned beers out there. If you can find it, try it for your next get together, it beats a Bud any day.

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Posted on September 29, 2008

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