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nevermind the buzzcocksHere again is another British show that you can only watch on youtube and lament the lack of funny on our shores. Nevermind the Buzzcocks has been around for years but I only just found out about it and dove into this absolute gem of an episode with Noel Fielding and Donny Tourette.. don't know who that is? Well, apparently he's a punk rocker and an ass.

He won't be the only thing unfamiliar to you, lots of the show is admittedly gobbly gook, as the foreign cultural references are well, foreign. Very impressive then that it is still so watchable and hilarious.

It's a panel comedy show where celebrities like Amy Winehouse, David Cross, Slash, and a host of people you've not heard of attempt to answer questions about music. Sounds simple enough, but with the help of one acid tongued, brilliantly funny host, Simon Amstell, it is an uproariously good time. Nothing is off limits to him and often he ends up mocking the guests quite savagely. Amstell replaced the long time host Mark Lamarr a couple years back. But of course you can still see his shows on youtube (though I personally prefer Amstell who is infinitely adorable).

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Posted on December 10, 2007

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