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never let me go kazuo ishiguroWhile Never Let Me Go is a sci-fi novel, set in our world at times but with different circumstances (I don't want to give too much away), it is more at it's heart a novel about memory, youth, love, and loss and an exquisitely written novel on those subjects at that–it had me in suspense and in tears (so be careful where you are reading unless you don't mind weeping in the subway).

Ishiguro beautifully renders the sentimental journey we all take when remembering our childhoods. I found myself more than once recalling things past I had not taken the time to think of for some time while engrossed in this lovely novel.

Similar in tone to Eugenides' Virgin Suicides but with the interesting questions of morality and technology of say, Philip K. Dick, this is a utterly unique and stirring read.

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Posted on August 14, 2006

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