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netflixBest Ways to Spend a Couple of Minutes category pick for the week of 7/14/08
Here's what I said then:

You would think with my dad sending me movies often (thanks dad) having a DV-R, premium channels, on demand, and a good video store up the street I'd be all set for movies, if not overloaded with options.

But no, I finally caved to the allure of the free Netflix trial and I love it. It's perfect for movies I am curious about, want to re-watch, and don't have to own. They came within a day of my signing up and we're now all set to watch Let's Scare Jessica to Death (again), Closely Watched Trains, and Cavegirl (which, since writing this, we've already tried to watch and it is a no go!)

Netflix, Woo hoo!

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Posted on November 3, 2008

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