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naughty girl mr gSo, since recommending Summer Heights High a couple weeks ago, I have officially become obsessed – as in making all my friends watch it when they're over and therefore seeing all the episodes that are on HBO on demand at least four times so far. This obsession has lead me to the top forty Australian hit “Naughty Girl” (written and sung by Head of Performing Arts Mr. G) which is about a teen “slut” who dies from a drug overdose.

It's over the top and heartless but you know, in a funny way. The video is composed of homemade footage fans sent into Chris Lilley (the song spent some time on the charts, so fans were able to choreograph their own dances, as you'll see) and it features little kids singing about Ecstasy and parties and pantomiming alcohol abuse?and parents who don't understand satire are Outraged!

That news clip looks like it's from The Day Today or some fake news show where obviously, the video in question is so outrageous that it must be a joke. And that's because it is – but I swear it's also a super addictive pop song that Jim and I just cannot stop singing all of the time. All of the time! Seriously, our friends are likely to get annoyed soon.

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Posted on December 15, 2008

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