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jim sanders at natural stone bridge and cavesThe Natural Stone Bridge and Caves lie about thirty minute north of my beloved Lake George (where we stay at the lovely Atateka Lodges run by the awesome Boggia family) in Pottersville. Amidst tall green trees and the buzz of the real outdoors (bring your Off!) is a fantastic family run natural park that has been open to visitors since 1944.

Nice teens greet you in the gemstone gift store and entrance before this guy sends you on your way. Other odd sculptures, like this giant with womanly curves holding a rock and this giant made of wood also holding a rock line the paths. Be prepared to climb a bit and walk some steep stairs, so wear decent shoes. The first view is pretty breathtaking and the entire tour (that you take on your own, sans guide thank goodness) is equally stunning.

Some of my favorite spots are the Giant's Slide, a hole through the ground 100 feet down, the large natural bridge, and the Noisy Cave–a dark cave with rushing water and colored lamps to help you see. I also love the name of Peter Pan's Peephole (which sounds dirty, but only looks into the Noisy Cave).

This is a wondrous way to enjoy the outdoors and worth the short jaunt if you happen to be in the Lake George area this summer. It's $12.50 per adult (but there's a 39 cent discount when you flash a AAA card!) and they have weekly log cabins you can stay in (but seriously, call the Boggia's first).

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Posted on July 7, 2008

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