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natskoNatsko Seki's work combines nostalgia, architectural line drawings, photo collage and vibrant color. They are a joy to look at. Her website showcases her gorgeous illustrations, some inspiring animations and her innovative commercial work. Louis Vuitton, the London fire brigade and Japanese department stores have all benefited from her unique touch.

She's more proof that the world of illustration and design is getting more and more interesting, despite the mainstream not always getting on board with the new look. There seems to be a new artist to discover every day and I hope that their work is used more often. Imagine if Seki designed those terrible subway warning posters, the ones that look like the photographer just happened to have a funsaver with a flash and told a stranger in long leather trench to “run!”

Or what if her beautiful illustrations of major cities were murals in an airport? I think our country needs to be more pretty and if I were in charge I'd start with Natsko Seki.

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Posted on September 22, 2008

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