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Nashville SoundtrackNow that I've raved about the movie, I can rave about the soundtrack; an album written and performed by the actors themselves.

This was initially considered a very sarcastic and mean spirited attack on country music, especially the songs by Henry Gibson (aka Haven Hamilton) but has since been regarded as a classic. In fact, Nashville was considered so venomous that dearest Ronee Blakley was blacklisted by the Nashville music community for her part in it. Which is honestly a crying shame, for clearly, even though Carridine won the oscar for best song (it don't worry me), Blakely is the star of the album. When her voice arrives, just as it does in the most heartbreaking scene in the movie, you realize what a true star's voice is like.

We would have picked Dues as our wedding song except for the fact that it is one of the most lyrically depressing songs of a love that has faded away.

My only qualm is that my second favorite song from the movie “Since You've Gone ” by Tom, Bill, and Mary is not on the album, a fact that depresses me to no end.

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Posted on July 3, 2006

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